Customs Brokerage Services

Dolphin Logistics Inc’s brokerage team provides expedited cargo release on a global scale. We combine extensive customs experience with the latest in information technology to eliminate delays and provide expert compliance management services to customers worldwide. Our menu of services includes global pre-clearance, automated classification, and bonded warehousing.

To further assist our brokerage customers, we offer assistance with compliance reviews, product classification, duty drawback, 'reasonable care' and protest filing. Our highly skilled professionals will work with you to support and strengthen your company's global import strategy by identifying areas of concern and providing effective solutions.

Services include :
• Professional Entry Processing 
• Total Compliance Management 
• Classification and Valuation Assistance 
• Drawback Filing 
• Import and Compliance Consulting

Supported by :
Customs Information services 
• Licensed Customs Brokers in all Major Ports 
• Advanced Automation Tools 
• Full Product Database Including Classification, Value Adjustments and OGA Declarations 
• ABI/AMS Compliance 
Network and Infrastructure 
• Offices in all major ports of entry 
• Single point service centers available for multi-port entry (USA) 
• Worldwide network of Gateways
• Bonded facilities and duty drawback

Benefits :
• Quick and Accurate Customs Clearance 
• Consistent Entries Across all US Ports 
• Professional Expertise on all Aspects of Compliance 
• Thorough Analysis of Importing Trends and Issues