Air Freight Services

Dolphin Logistic Inc, one of the world's leading NVOCCs, also provides first-class air transport services. We're able to offer our customers reliable service at competitive rates, with the utmost flexibility. After meeting with you to determine your company's specific transportation needs, we will leverage our size and shipment volumes to find the airline, transit times and corresponding rates that meet all of your requirements.

Time-definite, cost-effective services include:
•    Expedited and Staged Consignments 
•    Complete Import and Export Documentation 
•    Seamless Transportation Options 
•    Door-to-Door arrangements 
•    Oversized Cargo Handling 
•    Packing and Crating 
•    Vendor Assembly Programs 
•    Air Freight Logistics Coordination 
•    On-Forwarding Distribution Direct to Customer
Supported by:
Air information services 
•    Pre-Purchased Space Allotments 
•    Core Carrier Programs 
•    Aggressive Carrier Performance Measurement and Quality Control 
•    Worldwide Network of Gateways 
•    Customer Profile System 
Network and Infrastructure 
•    All facilities offer state-of-the-art consolidation/deconsolidation capabilities, warehousing, special handling, bonded services, packing and crating and high value goods management
Benefits Include:
•    Reliable, Time-Definite Service Worldwide 
•    Cost - Effective Rates and Routing
•    Accurate and Error-Free Documentation and Billing